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A flurry of emotions

The rehearsals of Bradford - A Hidden History have been a flurry of emotions for me as a director and writer. It’s been a source of great joy seeing my writing being brought to life in the rehearsal space. In stark contrast though, I have found it tricky to work out what I would like as a director in a rehearsal space location which is completely different from the performance space.

Director, Madeleine O’ Reilly has been amazing in guiding, mentoring and prompting my words to the cast and has kept me on it with finding the moments, each moment that can be used to bring more colour and light to Bradford - A Hidden History.

The entire cast is a joy to work with; Michael Forrest, Lisa Howard, Sophie Clay, Levi Payne and Alan Clay. They have been very supportive and happy to try out new ways of working. Each of them has brought different skills and ideas to each scene.

There have been three key stand out elements so far, hearing the play read out loud, playing around with the ghostly ideas for the audience to enjoy and seeing the three different stories take shape. I hope the audience will enjoy and take delight in the performances.

Michael Forrest playing William Cavendish, Earl of Newcastle

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